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Our Certified Premium Organic Dark Chocolates are produced under High Quality Standards, Fair Trade Farms, Sustainability and Environment Protection, reducing and eliminating the impact on varios problems, mainly child labor and deforestation instead economic benefits. We as a Social Company are looking for keep and preserve natural resources for entire humanity.

This type of chocolate comes from a natural crop therefore giving great natural benefits accomplishing a healthy and natural daily diet.

TAVORO Chocolate does not contain Gluten, Trans Fat or Cholesterol.

Looking forward our organic ingredients makes each TAVORO's Chocolate Bar unique, where we take care carefully each process very seriously with higher quality standards in the industry, not just the packing in such arrives to final consumers where content keep and preserve intact characteristics and benefits, but also giving back and working with farmers that have our same care environment philosophy, caring and loving our beautiful lands.

Dark Chocolatre

70% Organic Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Confectionery Toppings

ENERGY WITH FLAVOR, The natural components from our Organic Dark Chocolate will help you awake sensations, enjoy special moments and live a unique experience.
Biochemically, love is equal to consuming large quantities of chocolate. - John Milton

Dehydrated Banana

70% Organic Cocoa with Banana

Confectionery Toppings

Are you looking for energy? This bar is for you, a fresh and sweet combination, where the raw organic cacao taste predominates and then the sweet and creamy taste of banana follows.
"Chocolate is a perfect food, as healthy as it is delicious, a beneficial restorer of energy. It is the best friend of those who participate in literary activities." - Justus von Liebig

Awarded Rosemary

70% Organic Cocoa with Rosemary

Confectionery Toppings

The fusion of Rosemary and the finest aromatic Organic Cacao is surrounding but also subtle. The fresh taste in this combination stimulates memory and will evoke the greatest of memories.
"Chocolate doesn´t make the world turn, but it sure makes the trip worthwhile." - Anonimous

Andean Berry

70% Organic Cocoa with Andean Berry

Confectionery Toppings

The Organic Blue Andean Berry, it is a wild fruit with great antioxidant contents. It delivers a unique touch to this bar, it will give you a pleasant sensation with a unique fusion of tastes.
"When no one understands you, chocolate is there." – Anonimous


70% Organic Cocoa with Mango

Confectionery Toppings

The intense aroma and acid taste of Mango together with the best Organic Cacao Beans in the world yield as a result a voyage of sensations through our TAVORO chocolate bar.
Chocolate possesses an authentic gift to solve problems. An instant of sadness, a stressful workday, a discussion, a reward, a secret pleasure… Chocolate always brings us an answer." Trish Deseine, Pasión por el Chocolate.


70% Organic Cocoa with Spearmint

Confectionery Toppings

It’s delicate aroma and citric flavor are evident to the palate, achieving a unique sensation beside the fruity Organic Cacao and wooden taste of this bar.
"Chemically speaking, chocolate is really the world´s perfect food." - Michael Levine,


70% Organic Cocoa with Cedron

Confectionery Toppings

Are you having a rough day? Enjoy our incomparable Organic Chocolate and Cedron bar, this perfect duo will control your nerves and reduce your anxiety levels.
Eating chocolate can have an important influence over your state of mind. Generally speaking, it drives to a rise in welcoming sensations and a decrease in tension. - Peter Rogers, Ph.D., Institute of Food Research



+593 9690-00006
+1 (713) 261-1361

TAVORO is a fine Ecuadorian Organic Dark Chocolate "MADE IN ECUADOR"

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