Our History

A GREAT FRIENDSHIP of over 16 years can yield as a result the first steps of a GREAT PROJECT, this is exactly what Cecilia Zapater and Katherine Coka set up to do several years ago, making a reality the beginning of activities for their company ANDEANFLAVORS C. Ltda. since the year 2014.

It has been really important to research and delve further into the ample and fascinating world of chocolate, for which the two businesswomen has prepared extensively to be able to offer the world a chocolate of singular and well recognized characteristics and above all revalorize the endemic tastes of the Andes. Creating new fusions with exotic aromatic plants and fruits, which together with the best raw materials in the world, our national Ecuadorian aromatic cacao, produce an incomparable result.

Within all of the affinities that join the two businesswomen, one of the strongest without a doubt is the ability to develop personal and professional growth opportunities for women. Because of this every one of their decisions is focused on gender equality achieving, until now, that at least 80% of the activities that form part of the process are being handled by women.

Cecilia Zapater

“With several years of experience in the field of food production, I always dreamed to make something not only to benefit myself but also for it to be a project to support communities and exalt the name of Ecuador. I love the field, nature and its magic, since I was little taking my grandfather´s hand I learned to love the earth and what it produces, this made me think about working with some kind of agricultural product and what better than our Fine Aromatic Cacao, as delicious and recognized as it is globally by its unique and diverse characteristics of flavor and aroma.

Working with cacao, making our chocolate step by step and discovering its formulas and secrets is a dream come true for me, the same one that with great love and optimism I want to share with the whole world and take to our customers palate for their enjoyment, the best cacao in the world bounded in the magic of the golden bar that is TAVORO”

Katherine Coka

“After coming through a world of corporate business that was very competitive for more than 20 years this project enriches me in various ways, it´s giving me the opportunity not only to discover new and wonderful parts of my country, knowing the unique characteristics of the main protagonist of our project, the fine aromatic cacao. Its differences between geographic zones, properties and the most important part of it for me, the PEOPLE, entire generations that have made cacao farming their way of life, whole family histories have been built next to the cacao trees.

To me, with the development of a product that is indirectly bound to the emotions of people who consume it, it has an invaluable significance and motivates and involves me every day in the struggle to keep getting better.

To accomplish at an international level that our countries’ name is recognized through our TAVORO chocolate bars is a goal I am sure can be achieved, working hand by hand with the small indigenous farmers and communities allows us to contribute day by day in the development of our country.”